Mission Statement

Pinit Furniture was founded on core values of integrity, excellence, superior quality and service. We exist to provide a simple and enjoyable experience of designing and buying custom furniture with minimal investment of time and money.

What is Pinit Furniture?

We started Pinit Furniture because we kept having friends frustrated when they saw the perfect piece of furniture on Pinterest but had no way to get their hands on it.

We don’t think people should be stuck between the limiting options of cheap, factory-made furniture on one side and the expensive, risky process of custom-furniture on the other.

We’ve created a seamless online process, cultivated a network of skilled furniture makers, and developed a knack for matching customers with the ideal craftsman for their style and budget.

We take the risk and confusion out of custom furniture. Our 100% No Hassle Guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing we’ll deliver…picture perfect every time.

Payment Options

Pinit Furniture offers two payment options for our customers:

Conventional payment is regular pricing that is paid in full at time of invoicing.

Subscription payment is a monthly subscription to Pinit Furniture at $190 per month.  When you join, you will receive $500 towards a purchase and will receive $50 additional per month that can be used towards any custom furniture from our network of craftsmen.

The furniture that you request will be discounted and your balance will be adjusted for the total purchase price.  If you purchase a piece that is greater than your current balance, you will incur a negative balance and will need to pay off that balance before you can cancel.

Why was Pinit Created?

The idea for Pinit Furniture wasn’t really an “ahah” moment but came about from a continuous conversation with my wife when she showed me Pinterest photos and asked me to build different furniture pieces.  This got me thinking…. Since my wife and I are semi-normal people, how many people are having the same conversation and is there a  way to make custom furniture buying simple and enjoyable?

Also, in our culture of mass production, the craftsmanship of furniture building is being forgotten.  Every time a unique piece gets created for a client, it gives a fresh appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece, and I want to share that with more of the world.  This led to me creating Pinit Furniture to make the process of designing and buying custom furniture a hassle free and unique experience.  All it takes is a photo to give us your ideas so we can connect you to a  craftsman to make your dream a reality.

I tell people that Pinit Furniture is like the “Uber of custom furniture” and we excel at connecting people while creating an experience that is unique in the industry.  Customer service is our business and our goal is to make the process enjoyable and focused on you.  Come give us a test drive; I think you will enjoy the ride!

Dave DeVries
(Founder, Pinit Furniture)

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