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Craftsman Network

About the Craftsman Network

We started Pinit Furniture because we kept having friends frustrated when they saw the perfect piece of furniture on Pinterest but had no way to get their hands on it. We don’t think people should be stuck between the limiting options of cheap, factory-made furniture on one side and the expensive, risky process of custom-furniture on the other. We’ve created a seamless online process, cultivated a network of skilled furniture makers, and developed a knack for matching customers with the ideal craftsman for their style and budget. We take the risk and confusion out of custom furniture. Our 100% No Hassle Guarantee with Free Shipping gives you peace of mind knowing we’ll deliver…picture perfect every time.

Building Relationships

We’ve worked hard to build relationships with skilled craftsman across the country. We’ve taken the time to learn their passions, their unique strengths and their one-of-kind style in crafting furniture. At Pinit we love supporting their work. When a Pinit customer uploads a picture, we match the specific piece they want with the craftsman best-suited to build it in the style they want and the price that fits their budget. Are you a Craftsman who wants to join our network? Apply under

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