How to Join


How to Join

Join the Pinit Partner Network

Whether you have a established custom furniture business or a solo artist, Pinit Furniture is looking for partners like you.  Pinit Furniture is a more effective way for people to find the right builder at price for designing and building custom furniture.  With Pinit’s digital approach to quoting, invoicing and marketing, we will bring you leads based on your geography and expertise.  There are no gotcha’s with Pinit Furniture; we exist to provide the best customer experience and back all of our partners with a 100% customer satisfaction.

As you consider partnering and growing your business with Pinit Furniture, take a look at a few of the details below.  If you have additional questions , please contact


Partnership Overview:

Pinit Furniture is a broker and customer originator to make sure the customer has a fantastic experience and finds the right fit for their project.  Once the job has been sourced to a craftsman, we will introduce you to the customer, provide a project manager to maintain customer satisfaction and help supply progress pictures to take place.  Pinit furniture will be responsible for payment and coordinating delivery.  All partners are independent entities.


Membership Dues:

Dues are $19.99/Month and include lead generation and viability to potential customers.  You will be allowed to bid on customer customer jobs posted on instagram at pinit_furniture_rfq and emailed to all craftsmen.  The membership fee allows us to have slim margins on quotes to ensure we are competitive and winning business together.


Progress Pictures:

The craftsman will provide at minimum, two progress pictures via email to the customer to ensure quality and satisfaction.  One picture at the midpoint and one picture at the completion of the job before pickup and delivery.  If this doesn’t happen, then any modifications or customer satisfaction issues will be a cost on the supplier to remedy.


Payment Terms

Pinit Furniture agrees to pay within 15 days of payment from the customer.  Pinit Furniture requires payment up front from the customer before furniture is built.


Customer Retention:

If a customer purchases through Pinit Furniture, we retain the customer relationship for 4 years.  If that customer comes back to you directly, you must source the custom work through Pinit furniture to complete the transaction.  After the 4 years of the initial order, the customer is free to have a direct relationship.


Product Defects and Returns:

If the product has defects or damages that are not shown on the original or update picture, it is up to the craftsman to fix and remedy these issues.  In certain cases, if a customer needs to return an item for an unforeseen issue, this return will be done by Pinit Furniture and will remain in Pinit Furniture’s inventory.


Furniture Branding:

Each craftsman is allowed to put its individual branding on the furniture.

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