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Getting a price on custom furniture can be a lengthy process and when the quote finally comes after several days or weeks, you have to wait again to get a comparison quote to make sure the price is fair since custom work can vary based on the skill, notoriety and availability of the craftsman and isn’t standardized.

This is what makes us unique, Pinit Furniture is a network of local craftsmen all across the US that will bring you unparalleled quality with 100% no-hassle guaranty and free delivery.  Pinit Furniture has a ton of market data that gives us the ability to give you a competitive, analytics based quote for any custom table based on prices and availability of our craftsmen.   The order can then be fulfilled by any of our local craftsmen across the US and ships for free.  I know this is almost too good to be true but give it a try, I promise it will be easy.


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